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Maura Morandi begins her photography studies at AVECOFA in Caracas back in 2009. Later on, in Roberto Mata’s School of Photography RMTF, she acquires knowledge in diverse focus areas such as Portraits, Illumination, Product, Landscaping and Documentary.  Attending courses with National and International Photographers.


Between 2011 and 2019 she works as a Sports Photographer, covering several of the most prominent races that take place in the city of Caracas, working for the best Event Organizing Companies such as Hipereventos and Sports Solutions as well as for renowned brands such as Nike, Gatorade, PepsiCo and Ron Santa Teresa Corporations.


Around the second semester of 2016 she joins the team of photographers of the Web Portal and is in charge of covering the demonstrations and protests that take place in the streets of Caracas in the year 2017. This documentary work leads her to take part in the Exhibition "Collapsed Republic Vol 2" in New York City. 


In June 2016, she travels to China to participate in a Long Distance Workshop Photographic Expeditions and from there she publishes a work in the Prodavinci website called "Without Soul in the Body". 


In October 2016, she participates in the 68th ‘Biennial Arturo Michelena’ in Valencia, Venezuela.


By 2018 she manages to bring to Japan all the culture of the Chuao Cocoa in images, participating in the event Uao Chuao. Likewise in 2019, she brings to Miami the most beautiful designs from Oscar Carvalho’s fashion runways in Paris. 


Maura’s purpose is to deeply connect with the story she tries to tell in every picture. Over the years her work has shifted from documenting the streets to documenting the most important moments within families, including marriages and baptisms. In this work environment she feels the most comfortable. Her mission always being the capturing of unique and cherished moments for eternity.

Finally, Maura Morandi is one of the most sought-after professionals in the photography industry, constantly exhibiting in Galleries around the Miami area, leaving her trademark in each one of them.

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